Autumn 2013 - Back to Berlin

the sun beams down onto my pale skin...ahh...i can feel myself soaking up its energy. i haven't seen too much light these past days. i pack my bag for berlin, my home. ibiza is my summer stopover. air berlin takes me directly to berlin. the passenger next to me is snoring, seth troxler is sitting a few rows back, he's looking pretty fresh...both of us still have our ibiza shorts on...our dj legs are going to catch a chill back in berlin...
tonight there's a charity event in berghain and panorama bar. all the money from the door goes to the organisation 'all out'. its aim is to ensure that no one in the world has to suffer because of their character or sexual orientation...since putin has drawn up his vile law and gays are now being persecuted in russia, the whole world is shocked that such a thing can happen in europe in 2013. putin is simply a scoundrel. i hope he repeals this inhumane law.
so tonight all the djs are playing for free... and promoting free love for russia!!!
i spend the summer in ibiza since i'm often playing at dc10 and it doesn't make sense to be flying back and forth from berlin. that means monday is no longer my sunday, a day of rest, so i like to say monday is funday... what i notice on the island is a strong emphasis on commerce, but also the kind of club feeling you get in dc10. tini did a beach party for free...that's good... on the whole i had bags of fun...from amnesia to space to ushuaia...sometimes watching the chaos unfold on the dance floor, sometimes making a quick exit from the club...dc10 was the best place for me to become immersed, feel the music and meet people...jamie jones has his night on a wednesday and my personal highlight was cajmere, four tet and of course jamie jones. unfortunately i didn't have the chance to carefully listen to everything. sven väth conjured up some good, focused sets. richie hawtin's multi-media razzmatazz, on the other hand, is a bit too much of a good thing.
this year's melt was fantastic once again...the line-up, the location, the passion that stefan lehmkuhl puts into the festival. it makes me so happy to see how melt has progressed.
kazantip was an issue this year again. i had a look at it...ukraine is a fairly poor country...the event takes place on a beach...there's a lot of serious infrastructure in place, led walls, fire dancers, everything somewhat over-produced...when the dj builds up an atmosphere, suddenly naked fire dancers appear on stage, everyone stares up at the stage and takes out their mobile phone to get a shot of the show. vibe instantly drained.'s a more human feeling when the crowd, the music-lovers can completely absorb the music and drive the party fire-breathers or strippers can make that happen...only we, the crowd on the dance floor can decide if we want to respond to the music. i spent a few hours doing karaoke on the beach with basti from tiefschwarz, oh man were singing old pop tunes the whole afternoon...but then we caught it, the kazantip virus, it knocked me for six, i couldn't move anywhere and i had to cancel the pollerwiesen gig. i was just lying in my hotel bed near the airport...apparently quite a few people got it. another highlight was think festival in leipzig, by the lake, out in the open...a wonderful location, but unfortunately it was extremely hot, the hottest day of the summer in germany. matthias kaden was moseying around like me. the lake was great for cooling down your some point the fire service came and fired jets of water over the crowd to cool them down from all the dancing :-)
zurich street parade, ooh la la i haven't seen such freaky costumes in a long time :-) the best was the guy with no trousers, simply naked at the street parade :-)
kappa futur festival in turin is worth a visit, marco carola got a strong groove going and really struck a chord with the crowd...he always moves in such a particular way when he's playing, you can see the whole beat flowing through his body, he makes these little movements as the sounds pass through him like waves. it's pretty sick the way he moves when he's really in the zone. for me kappa futur festival was a real eye-opener, the location is unique, an old metalworks...out in the open with great metal columns, a roof on top but open at the sides. 16,000 smiling people, the location and maybe the people too...
ego open air in hamburg was great :-) a quaint open-air location, and magdalena solomun, the sister of solomun, is one of the coolest event organisers. when the sun went down the dancers really started going for rocked.

yesterday at dinner i found out that apparat is in hospital after a motorcycle accident. but he's still with us!!! sascha, GET WELL SOON!!! he'll be operated on tomorrow and he's feeling very dizzy...
moderat shows have been postponed until next year.

June 2012 - Asian Tour

european classical music is playing at peking airport. it's raining heavily and i'm waiting for my next flight to chengdu. mmmm a few days ago i was in dc10 in ibiza having fun with my mates....heidi was given the nick name 'hit machine' and mr damian lazarus 'the dark man'...they then both ended up calling me 'mrs underground'...ok.
asia tour--in lola club in shanghai i only really saw white faces on the dancefloor. they were all in a good mood like i was. i managed to get a bit of a feel for chinese culture while strolling about the city and eating in local restaurants.
all this jetlag is making me feel rather out of it, somehow i almost feel as though i'm like a goldfish in the chinese ocean.
i just can't stop trying out new food. really spicy fish head soup, tofu in different sauces and all the different types of veggies are the best.
people say that lots of europeans move to asia because they couldn't make it at home....clichés...i was told that lots of white men behave really badly, not bothering to learn the language and in not doing so annoy the chinese people....i experienced this first hand a lot.
peking haze club: i think this must be the best club in china. finally i get to see some locals on the dancefloor. it's nice to see as i was beginning to worry i was wasn't going to meet  any chinese people in the clubs.
before i flew to china i was in ibiza which is where i've been based all summer since i moved flats in berlin.
finally i've got a proper home again in berlin. over the past few years i've had quite a few flat problems...and as i'm always on the move this can be a bit stressful especially as i'd rather concentrate on my music. but now this should be all solved :o)
so now back to ibiza. dj residency in dc10, the best club on the island...i love it...all the sunshine keeps me in a really happy really does give you strength and i'm very fair skinned i was initially worried that too much sun might give me skin cancer...but the sunshine feels really good. now i'm in asia: china, japan, singapore and then back to ibiza to my nest :o) system of survival also live on the island, a new act on bpitch control; they are bringing out a deep house album at the end of august, new friends-new feelings:-) being somewhere else recharges my batteries...the next time i'll be in berlin will be for the big bpitchcontrol party in berghain and panorama bar.
the island has an awful lot of boring commercial stuff. places where the music doesn't really fill up the feels as though everyone's just drunk. there are really lovely parts of ibiza though of course...musically in dc10 :-) and probably somewhere else too, which i'll find out about.
i'm still addicted to music and happy when i can make other people happy with some allien i'm landing in tokyo...hello tokyo :-)

December 2010, Winter

it's snowing in berlin
the mood is quieter
the quiet .... the snow is twinkling at me when I walk through the city at night
only early in the morning
vampire rhythm
nights in the club are hot
and I freak out
it is quiet at home ...snow snow quiet
even better in january and february I will be in the sun with apparat
in my dreams I will tickle the year 2010
and it was INCREDIBLE 2010
currently I am working on music for the show drama music, choreography alexandre rocooli ...
to be performed in paris for the first time in march 2011 at pompidou...
sound snippets ...... text light dance meld together
when the sun back up in the sky I'm awake
in the club awake during the day I dream
to all of you a Merry Christmas
happy ears
see u in the club
ellen allien

July 2010, Summer Summer

summer summer
the football world cup blew my mind...
just amazing, watching the games under the open sky at platoon or at johannesburg (bar24)....
i really try to enjoy the time i spend in berlin as much as i can, the city get`s on fire during the summer....
football world cup, tepid summer nights, badeschiff, club der visionäre, some art in between and the constant: yoga yoga yoga.
always around on my bike , my apartment is actually torrid since i live under the roof in a penthouse apartment.
i have been playing so much during the past weeks that i couldn't find the time to work on some remixes and music I wanna do.
i cannot wait to go to the studio.
i spend most of the time preparing my sets, listening to lots of music, downloading waves, sorting out properly....
it kicks me to look for and to find the music i was looking for, it takes hours and hours but it is worth.
once i used to go to the record shop, which wasn´t the same thing because at the record shop you already have a selection.
now it is just me selecting, that make sthe big difference and in my opinion this is a good thing.
now i play only the kind of sound that kicks and makes me happy a 100% , it is costly in terms of time but it is worth doing so in order to optimize the set.
when i got back to berlin after one month non-stop touring the city blew my mind....
sonar was incredible, the entire bpitch team was there, and now i continue with the melt festival and lots of others.
well, summertime is festival-time ;-)))
the we love album is ready to get released, in tokyo we will have the first ellen allien meets bpitch control showroom.
after so many years we have so much stuff to exhibit and show... if i look back in time then i see a huge colourful river...what a giant.....

November 2009 / South America

the grey days are back in europe
and i like it
my head is free
and finally more time for the studio...
before i got on the plane to brazil i finished my watergate mix
magnificent to mix at home, all my favorite tracks...
studio is waiting for me
but for now i am in brazil and
later columbia.... rio was the bomb
the location was incredible. everything was perfect
crowd - sound - light
uruguay directly at the sea... a little bit of bar 25 flair .... hehehe...
traveling playing input...
considerable changes at bpitch
lots of space for the new
bpc signed new artists
we love / italy
jahcooci / berlin
aerea negrot / berlin - venezuela
and more which i can't tell yet
fresh vibes, lots of creativity and positive energy are on board
i haven't been to columbia for years... i can't wait
the last time was many years ago with ilana ospina..
lots of security..everywhere... police.

October 2009

over and over again I feel my drive towards freedom
this freedom I experience in berlin
It is the spiritual and religious tolerance here that gives me breath
berlin had been divided for more then 40 years and for 28 years it had been isolated by wall.
when I was a child I could hear the shots coming from the other side
one could perceive the allies by the noise of the armoured cars that used to pass through the city every once in a while
I did not feel myself. one part of my family lived in the east, we were separated.

on november 9th 1989 the wall came down and we - east and west - were finally united again. ever after the live of all of us changed…globalization….germany got finally together as one.
at last the wall-terror and the 1 million prohibitions in the east were over once for all
the unified berlin can now breath deeply.
we swallowed the bad and dark fashism,
fashism, still hurts but the new gives us courage
I am so happy about the vitality of berlin
I can breathe.
And I dearly wish that to every being on this planet
unfortunately this is just a wishful thinking. I hope.

August 2009

finally it´s summer in 25, club der visionäre, lying on the green meadow between techno metropolis and blue sky.
the 10 years of bpitch control party at berghain on saturday 8th of august has been fantastic....the sound and the atmosphere were genial...just fun!!
for the rest I´m whirling around my new fashion line. designing the fall/winter line “24 hours jeans“ (which is already out) was such a great fun. every day i wear one item of that line....i´m addicted to it...

at the moment i´m collecting some outstanding tracks from our artists for our upcoming 10 years of bpitch control compilation. most of them are already ready...apart from that i still reel around between waves and vinyls: getting both together makes sense since many tracks aren´t available on both formats.

clubbing makes happy. music is the key of what i´m actually doing here...apart from other personal things obviously.
the melt festival has been incredible as usual. aside from the fact that the structure of the stage wasn´t good, the dj was way to far away from the crowd....although this problem has been removed on the sleepless floor...

bpitch control is currently boiling....we´re working on lots of new projects and we´re having fun while doing so. the fuckpony album which will appear in october 09 is dope, including its cover artwork. at the end of the creative process, when i have the finished product in my hand i always know that it was worth it.
i´m sitting at the office, i really like it: i can hear the bassdrum coming from sascha funke´s office and paul who´s currently working on a remix with flute....a quick tip: ellen allien fashion website we´ll have some upcoming sales...check it out!
apart from that thanks for the great nights i share with you....that gives the wish to more and more, again and again...


February 2009

I am just back from the sun. I have been close to sea, listening to the wind.
Three weeks of silence. Doing nothing. Cut up from the world outside.
What a peace this has been!

Now, back in Berlin.
And I am feeling really good – it is good to be bacl.
The motor of city life makes my heart beating faster.
The Berlin rhythm wakes me up.

And I am working on so many pieces at the same time.
The beauty of creativity is back, I can feel it all around.
I feel very present, here and now.
And I try to feel love for everything I do.


November 2008

The new is online. Welcome! But despite OBAMA has won, wars are waged. Hate – violence – disease. Argh, we humans drive each other crazy. At Paul Kalkbrenner’s myspace is written: you are nervous. He is right, many of us are nervous. Om, shanti, om. Luckily, being nervous is none of my habits. Instead, I can see the beautiful aspects of life. And to be honest, I like it cozy ;).Here and now. Hic et nunc. Or maybe it is just looking like that? Haha… :) 

Last week Squarepusher made me really happy. He is the king of electronic music for me. He did his only German gig in Volksbühne, a quite special theater in the east of Berlin. Unfortunately, the sound is always a catastrophe there when they have live acts. It was hurting a bit in my ears, so I had to put a tampon in my ear.. Ok, it has been a paper handkerchief.. But… And I had to close my eyes because of the visuals, because the LED wall has been made for big festival and not for small stages.. This has been quite strong! The volume and the light effects! Ouch! Bad sound and hurting visuals. Nevertheless, it has been a quite overwhelming experience, because I had to close my eyes and with that I started thinking.. And Mr. Squarepusher is so gorgeous! And fat sound! I was thinking about our sick military world, the omnipresent consumption, the insanity of humanity.. But out of this, I started becoming creative. I got ideas for my new project BE, colors and designs for ellen allien fashion where whirling through my head. Music enables my creativity and brings charm into my life. In the last months I spent too much time with pushing my label BPitch Control, instead of doing music. But now the path is ready for doing music on my own, finally. :) 

See you on the dance floor. :) 


April 2008

I am sitting in the plane in direction to Athens. I can do a lot with my computer meanwhile.. So time flies by. With earplugs I do not hear the noise of the plane anymore - bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbssssssssssssssssschhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Athens, Istanbul, Rome, than home. These are spots, that are different and I have the cities in my mind. Everything is good, everything works well. When I am reading book, watching movies or reading newspapers, all is connecting deep inside, because most places I have already visited. Just few are missing on my list. But those I will visit for holiday. I have been the first time in life in China and Thailand recently, many Europeans came to the parties. And I also will go to Australia in summer. Somehow I always avoided to do such long-distance journeys. But now, I am totally in the mood for doing that! I like the unknown, the foreign, the contrast. Last night I was sitting above a huge accumulation of demos, which were sent to BPitch Control, in my room and I have listened to all of it. There were some quite interesting ones, but most of them were not releasable. It is so exciting to find demos in between that just make sense, where an artist's concept or his/her passion is listenable. But I did not understood some of the demos at all, I just do not know why someone is sending them to us; they do not fit at all to BPC. What a blurred world. And we will have our 10th anniversaries in 2009! 10 years! Wow! Ok, in 1997 we had the first BPC parties, but the first release has been in 1999! Within the last years so much has changed in Berlin, in Europe. Today, communication is the catchword! And our lifestyle now moves the mass, not only the freaks.. Or, maybe we are all determined to be freaks.. ?!

August 2007

*THANKS FOR THE DANCE AND THE SMILE* *DANCING KEEPS US FREE* Where do I go? I just say I am on my way. Where to? I don't know, ha ha ha ... Well, I do know, inside of me there is the path of my way. It's fun to think about where I am going and not exactly knowing the answer ... To observe the world in a playful way, to play lego. Seeing the world with critical eyes and clarity as well. Nobody says it's easy. Nobody says it's hard. Just count the stars - you know what I mean? This summer I saw many beautiful beaches and exciting cities. But only in passing, just for a short moment. I always want to go home, to my nest, my apartment. Park myself like a car into the garage. Turn off the motor. Silence. Nice. Fast life is cool, but please with contrasts. My couch is my garage. It's summer and I am feeling great. Sexy! To be sexy is better than any beauty product. Music has to groove and move your ass. It's always a try. August was djing all the time, non stop. And it was grooving. In September I'll crawl back into my studio to feel the flow there. To get closer to an idea, to transport/translate what I've collected. Ibiza is eating me up right now. Ibiza is being eaten up by all those crowds that are pushing over it. Entertainment 100%. Amnesia, Amnesia ...! Benicassim is better than any tapas. Nitsa is better than Nizza. Bar 25 is better than eating. Kissing is better than crying. A nice dinner is better than pills. Italy is better than soccer. To be awake is better than to be asleep. To dance with gays is better than sitting on their lap. Judy is hotter than Diana. Sonar is better than the smell of the air. Lena is better than a Thai massage. Djs are better than DJs. Chlorophilla is better than Jane and Tarzan. Body painting is better than lipstick. Friends are better than animals. Porto is better than Rosé. Love is better than not risking anything. Apparat is better than watching TV. To think is better then to go diving. Paris is better than Schnitzel. Air is better than Strobo light.


May 2007

Time goes by so quickly .... When I ask myself what happened last week I really have to think about it for some minutes in order to recall the recent past. So many things are happening, so many impressions .... What I remember being super fun was the BPC tour:  such a good time! Sascha Funke, Paul Kalkbrenner, Zander VT, Modeselektor, Pfadfinderei: all such good entertainment on stage and backstage! To dance and travel together, to share the atmosphere in the clubs, to listen to the music there - this is the best really. And to see people sweating on the dance floor or having sex in the restrooms ... Sex at the club? Techno and Sex? Well, you guys know the answer ... I am behind the decks most of the time. Sometimes I go out without being the DJ of the night, just an ordinary person wanting to dance the night away. On Sundays my batteries are low. When I come back to my apartment I take a deep breath and know that tomorrow all is good again. I simply close my eyes and stumble through my distorted dream worlds. And the next day is my life again, not the night life, but my regular life. This difference is really important to me. You have to be able to switch between the two. The night is there to forget things, the day is there to know and learn things. When I enter a club, my batteries are turned on - like a marionette. And afterwards? Sleep, sleep, sleep. These days I concentrate on my gigs, buy a lot of new records, take care of my label and my fashion line, listen to tons of demo CDs and new tracks of BPC artists, analyse new cover artwork, try to come up with new cover artwork ideas ... Music, graphic design, dance and fashion all go together. It's all about emotions. I really listen to all the demos that got sent in, but unfortunately I don't have the time to answer everybody-  it's just not possible. Berlin is blooming. The street life is back and there are secret spots where we can hide. Everything works smoothly and I am happy to see how our networks work out in the end and how, if people let behind their ego, the sky opens up ...

February 2007

No music for 6 weeks. No alcohol, no cigarettes, no coffee. Just Yoga, fresh food, the sea, the horizon and I, that was it - how nice! It's good to see that I can relax, really relax, take a break. The whole perception changes - of the world, of myself ... But now it's starting again and I love it! Music, music, music. The city, my friends, the club ... It's great to spin again. Music and djing is my motor that makes me happy. Now I am awake again - good morning! I love to play records and to fill the clubs with my sound and to share the kick it brings. Traveling, meeting people, to understand that there are other worlds, other people, other way of lifes. I always wish to have more time to explore other cities and cultures. Mostly there are only moments ... but mostly those are enough to see that there is more!

January 2007

January has been the month of silence. On a small island the sun and the sea tickled my soul. Being lazy, swimming in the blue sea. The most beautiful sea in the world! Just being is so amazing ... When I got back to Berlin it took me almost 2 weeks to get used to the city again and to find its rhythm - cars, shops, people ... a big city.

December 2006

**What happened??? 2006 is almost over .... The summer was really nice - thanks for all of you who threw me a smile at me! To play live and to travel around with my record bag is still the most important thing, something that I love and don't want to miss in my life. Despite missing flights, lack of sleep, loosing record bags ... I always have fun. The music and dancing, the smiles, the hot air .... those moments stay with me no matter what. There is only left to say: Thanks 2006 and peacy and easy-going 2007!

July 2006

jeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:-) congratultaion italy! you are the winner! football is fun and i m happy with you:-)

June 2006

, Summer, Summer. Finally the sun shines into my face, and I'm so happy about that! Berlin is unbelievable amazing in summer, I can ride my bike, rock outside. The whole life happens outside. What a luck! What am I doing at the moment? Making music isn't the topic so far, but raving at the Sonar in Barcelona was a great task to fulfill! Unfortunately the Sonar swallowed my voice and my brain. I had to spent some days in Spain afterwards, enjoying the sea near to Santander. That connected me to earth again. Apparat, the Pfadfinder and me we had to turn out of the city for stopping that lunacy around us. Sea finally gave us peace. Catching breath at the Atlantic Ocean's coast, counting the waves, which break on the cliff. Nature is the wave that keeps us all. That has been an extremely contrast, first all the turbulences and then the nature, wind, sea. Not that many humans. Great ;) And then we have world cup here. Football is always great in Berlin. When a game is running, it's absolutely quiet and empty on the streets. When someone made a goal I can hear the people scream of joy out of their opened windows. Most of the BPC boy are extremely addicted to football. I just enjoy the quietness. :) Germany is in football delusion and happy. I am in summer delusion and feel so free! I travel around the world with Apparat and we are so happy about playing live. We have so much fun! It possesses its own appeal. But I really love the mixture of DJing and playing live. Hahah. Somehow that causes a new side on me, I never mentioned before. But what kind of exactly, I have to find out... I can only say at the moment that I really really enjoy it. I would love doing that seven days a week. But you know, that would be fatal. There are more things to do than that...

February/March 2006

Finally the sky opens up and the sun comes out to shine over Berlin. There were so many snow storms recently that I missed a couple of flights due to the chaos at certain airports. Well, what a pleasure to stay over in Frankfurt instead of spinning at Studio 88 in France .... Also, I couldn't fly to Alicante because of the delays at the Berlin airport: snow storms. Snow storms. In my kitchen there is a bulk of boxes with Allien fashion in them. Hmm, where to put those? Gotta make space for it. In New York my cab driver drove away with my luggage. Records and clothes - everything went with him - what a disaster! I felt like being in a gangster movie - I ran after the car, shouting and screaming. People looked at me like somebody got shot or something. Not as if that never happens over there ... Okay, luggage gone, couldn't play my gig at the Avalon. When I got back to Berlin I had to take a deep breath and get myself together again. That was just too much: Getting into Canada took like almost 3 hours. Really tough checking, paper work like crazy, again long hours of waiting and being checked at the Canadian-American border. And finally my records got lost in New York, because this stupid taxi driver was somehow absent minded ... there is only one thing to do about: taking a bath and listening to "Plans" by Death Cab for Cutie". The laws against MP3/Download piracy got tightened, and I guess there will be surveillance all the time - Big Brother is watching you!

January 2006

>What actually happens to me when I finally go on vacation for three weeks? To one of the most beautiful places on earth? I really don't wanna leave this place anymore. It has been a dream, the island was so wonderful beautiful, all the colors, the sun and a gorgeous, gentle sea with a lot of blinking fishes. Every day the splendor of nature grabbed me and forced me to enjoy. The world under water is so full of peace and colors, I really thought I was diving into paradise. Reading books, diving into the sea. Genial!!! When I breathed Berlin air again, I felt a little bit unhappy, because everything here was grey, no beauty was left and the music world packed me. It took me nearly one week for being able to bear the rhythm of the city again. Now I'm back to Europe and my first gig since a while demonstrated me that here is the place where I should live. Loving, traveling and playing is my energy, my motor. Nature possesses power - music as well! Back to the civilized world I can't feel the strength and power of nature anymore, the peace, quietness. Here I feel the modernized world, I get my compliance through creativity - and that is really my lever for renewing me here and to shift the forms!

December 2005

The last month has been full of working in the studio and at BPC office. The studio-project with Apparat is finished now and also kept us away from the rest of the world. This can be very useful sometimes (especially in lousy December-moods..)! The album will be named "Orchestra of Bubbles". Watch out! At Christmas my family has been the number one. Once a year we find together and share a cosy, homelike and hearty atmosphere. At last I felt a piece of family very close! That strengthens me. Unfortunately I couldn't join our huge family meeting at the 26th, which made me very sad. Paul Kalkbrenner and me played in Rostock - like every year. But it was a great party, by the way.. Good gracious, December hasn't been an easy month. But it's so good to know that soon I will go by plane to a lovely island. Holiday is calling!!!!!!!!

November 2005

It is wet, grey and cold outside: The shower is on. Hm, I guess it`s better not to leave the house. Brrr. When it`s grey in Berlin, then I get active. At home. The computer becomes my friend and the keyboard my companion. Painting lines in the dark. Madame Merkel reigns and tries to achieve her will as a lady would do. Monsieur Schröder is in contrast will-less. Schröder has been the after war - king and I say: Thanks a lot Mister Schröder, good bye!. 19 percent taxes, no Christmas bonus anymore, my nephew don`t wants to go to school anymore. 20 percent unemployed in Leipzig; 18 percent in Berlin. Ohmy. Frazzles of thoughts, I prefer sitting in the studio. Being creative is my salvation, for preventing being swallowed up by the system. It is still again the same: Music is my boat. It never let`s me getting down. If at the club, in the studio or at home. Listening brightens my day, dancing in the club makes me so extatic so that I regain energy from it. And Patti Smith: I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes Germany is not far away, it`s close¦.. Essen and Leipzig: Thanks for the dance! :-)))))

October 2005

It's unbelievable, Japan is so unbelievable. When I arrived I stayed two whole days in Kyoto for relaxing and recovering after my USA-trip. Kyoto is one of the few original Japanes cities with temples, tea houses where you can still enjoy the complex ceremony of drinking tea. Nearly unbelievable beautiful is this small temple in the hills, here it became possible for me to catch something from the deep and spriritual Japanese culture. When I finally entered a temple some of the priests were gathering for singing and celebrating their Buddhistic prayers. It was so beautiful and enjoyful to withness their prayers, warm and deep. Buddhism is not only Japanese, actually it origins in India and caused some trouble in Japan. Shinto has been the primal religion, they have many gods. But the Christians and the Buddhists uniformed the people's believe into only one godness, unfortunately also with violance. Coming directly from United States it created a meaningful contrast for me. When I left Kyoto my Japan-tour actually started. I've met so many nice, friendly and lovely people, who treat music very emotional, they are epicure.. I'm always suprised in Japan about the fact how well informed the musiclover here are. Some of them even tried to speak German with me!! I'm so exalted and Japan is deeply connected to my heart! Despite the huge amount of traveling I feel so fine here. Japan fills me up with energy, a positive energy. Thanks Japan :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) But even here you can feel the USA, traces of the last war is still viewable. F...!!!

September 2005

Unfortunately I've missed to see the country, every time it is so sad not seeing anything except the hotel rooms, the clubs and the airports. But I have to go nevertheless to New York (I love NY!). But before I've played my hands were shaking of flurry. But that went over and my DJ-machine has been actuated - everything was in my hands. In my hands.


Everything's alright - ok, the flight was too late, but I don't be annoyed about that anymore. The sun is shining in NY and the people run and run. But where to and why? The Cielo club is great, there's still blood in the veins of NY nightlife. And there are actual people left who go into a club for dancing! And Adam X has been there, yippieh! And also a lot of other great NYers. The music scene never dies!! So! Great, don't get yourself away! At the JFK airport, direction Detroit, I get stripped down. Bags open, electric torches in it.. Welcome to the United States of America! 


Welcome to ghost town. It's frightening a bit as always. When I finished my gig I cruised trough the city with Kero. He showed me again the warehouses, where Eminem shot his video and where the famous warehouse-parties took place around 1994. All fabric buildings and warehouses are empty now - and the single ones which aren't decayed are declared for renting. And there are so many streets with moldered builings. You seldom meet someone at the streets. In the club I've met a German speaking man who told me, that he feels extremely comfortable here in Detroit, because the people share a certain feeling of community like nowhere else. They stick together. Ghost town. In spite of the waiting and hanging around at the airport it is absolutely adventuresome. At midtown the skyscrapers are absolutely empty, no human to see, only a floodlight that spots through the empty floors. Melancholic town.


I love touring and I really love Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::::--))))))))))))


To long the flight.i am tired....yes i am in japan


I'm riding in a taxi. On my way to the airport I'm highly amused by the election posters. SPD and CDU are perfectly airbrushed, with dumb slogans stuck on top, covered and painted over again. Build up your own democracy! Pity that the costs for the parties' advertising campaigns are kept in the dark. The people of Berlin are confused and we look forward to Schröder's dental prosthesis. We're all only human. It's Election Day on September 18th so we must all go and vote. Dancing and partying at night at the Maria during Popkomm, get up in the morning and make that cross along with Mr. Funke. DJ's word of honour! Yesterday. I get to the airport and stand in line for my flight to Istanbul. Women wearing headscarves in an overcrowded plane. The dinner is reheated and all of a sudden it smells of fish, so bad that the entire plane smells as if we were stuck in a fish's stomach. Swallowed by a whale. I feel nauseous, unable to enjoy my dinner. The fishy odour comes pouring out of the air-conditioner. I go into hiding. Thank God I brought my book with me so at least I'm distracted, the short history of Berlin. I leave this city so often that it's become increasingly more important to me. Sometimes I long for it before I even step on the plane. Berlin is my home and my retreat. Berlin gives me strength. On my US tour in September I'll read up on the history of my next destination, Japan. It's important to know the roots, to get a sense for traditions and legends. It's also a reality, which you may not be able to see but which shapes the here and now. It goes deeper. I have a deeper connection with the country. On my arrival, the foreign country intoxicates me so much that I forget everything else. I'm curious about the world. It shakes me up, I feel that this world is alive - it absorbs me: to get along with people, deal with new situations, think in foreign languages and listen to what's going on in other people's minds. It's particularly exciting using your hands, mouth and gesticulation rather than words. Stop. I've landed in Istanbul. Passport control: five pairs of eyes look at me, comparing my face to the photograph: "You used to have very short hair for a woman." I say: "Yes". He says: "I like you better like this¦" Oh, thank you for saying that! It's always the same with the bald-headed photograph in my passport. Then we drive to the hotel, which is a little outside of Istanbul but right around the corner from the festival where I am going to play. But: "Can you find us a hotel in town, we'd like to go for a walk around Istanbul." She: "Istanbul is an hour away and your flight tomorrow leaves at 1pm." Hmm. Then I spot a hamam. Okay, we'll stay here! From the restaurant on the 28th floor we can at least take a yearning look over Istanbul. Sometimes there's just no time for anything. You jet around the world and all you ever see is airports, hotels and parties. What a shame! After dinner we have our backs scrubbed in the hamam. We feel a bit strange when we're asked for our telephone number. "Very soon I will open a hamam in Berlin." We invent a number as we couldn't possibly say no to our omnipotent back scrubber with us being stark naked in the hamam. Finally we're dry and ready to go to the rave. High-speed we race down the country road to the open air. Finally, some rough and dirty countryside, goats and dogs on the streets. Then at the festival: The Cure and many other bands. Wow! Alex Smoke is playing before me, Mister Mylo afterwards. Okay, we've made it. On stage things are organised mega tight. Alex Smoke grooves along to very agreeable mental techno, we disappear onto the dance floor to get a sense for the people, the sound and the overall vibe. It sounds good and people look good, enchanting. Getting warmed up and playing goes relatively quickly as the sound is very good on stage. I'd better take off my shoes, so I can feel the vibes tickling my soles. After 30 minutes Lena starts doing her famous expressionistic dance - the vodka must have kicked in. None for me, but a big bass drum instead. Before I flew to Istanbul I was crawling through Berlin feeling miserable. The remix I did was completely random and I knew that it would still need quite a bit of work. Sometimes everything seems so hopeless that even new projects simply drown in it. There's no purpose in anything. I search for the end of the tunnel, and there I feel good. I drown in darkness when I don't overspill with creativity and movement. Istanbul however was a small hint with a large effect: I'm alive! At home in Berlin I feel the energy coming back to me. Thank you, Istanbul!


June 2005

I'm lucky: we had our first picnic in Berlin this year. It's warm here. Summer is finally come! My nephew has his big summer holiday; we went to the park together and sat on a colored camouflage blanket. We've played badminton and six friends played with a dog Frisbee for hours. At the end we were a huge crowd. I like it so send SMS spontaneously and to get the meeting point at a meadow somewhere in the city. Suddenly the meadow is full of yummies and friends and drinks and laughter. Finally it's possible to lay under the stars!
Actually I intended to spent some time at Ibiza, but I couldn't bring myself to it, because I have do some things in Berlin for the label, working, working, working. Hm, I'm thinking about my sister: she has lived for 10 years at Formentera and in one week she is going for a 4-week holiday there. Maybe I can join her there. That would be so great, to do some real holiday. Last weekend I've played in Bologna for the streetparade. At the end of the parade all vans gathered at a big square, the sound systems bursted out of all seams at afternoon. I was thinking, hey, enjoy it, maybe somewhen they prohibit it too. In Berlin is no loveparade this year, no Fritz party, no free party. BPItch Control nevertheless will rock the WMF at 9th of July. So please come to Berlin to join us! It will be such a nice gathering and event. It will be warm, it is beautiful here! Join us!

Today is the longest day of the year. It's midsummer. And it's full moon too. Unfortunately it has become earlier dark than yesterday because of a stupid thunderstorm. Summer is somewhat difficult for me to seize this year's summer is not really blowing through Berlin. But I've been in Barcelona last week, which has me a little summery joined in. Finally it's too hot there for wearing a stupid jeans.. My freckles are growing... Hm. Now I'm back in my flat in Berlin again, sitting in front of the computer (Where else to sit here??). When I look out of the window I see the rain and the TV-tower is strucked by lightening. Berlin. Grey. Beautiful. Import of fruits. Sonar has been quite beachy this year. Most of the time I was sitting in the sand, watching the sea. Poor stadtkind ˆ poor city child. Barcelona is the most beautiful there. I'm feeling so well there, nose direction: sea and sky. Where's the sea in Berlin? There's no... Fortunately I go to Naples on Friday. There's the sea again. How lucky I am that djing flies me to the sea.. Because in Berlin is no sea I will spent my time with working on the next project. Doing music brings fun! Apparat and me will conjure an album, we are so crazy about it.. We will see what kind of "schnutzel"-techno that will be. Sonar was nice, really. The BPitch Control+Factor City beach party was so fantastic. BPitch Control and Kompakt at Nitsa has been extremely colored, I've danced for 5 hours! And I was still thinking of the sea... On Saturday night I've played on a sonar mainfloor, many sexy moving and dancing bodies around. A telescope would have been a great help for recognizing some well know faces in the masses.. And I still dream of the sea, the sea, the sea, the sea...


May 2005

My thrill is your thrill "Thrills" is out in the stores!!!!!!!! But I have to admit that it always brings more fun to produce, do music and djing, than giving or answering interviews.. I know it belongs to my story and my job, but! Thousands and thousands of hours I've spent in front of microphones, cameras and journalists.. My mouth gets fuzzy.. Europe? Elections in Germany: Vote red and greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!

April 2005

Watching TV; a Vincent Gallo story The Pope, Karol Wojtila, is now sleeping forever. Good night. It has been a drama to catch it so close how a person is dieing - the media has brought directly into the living rooms within the last weeks! At the first of January the Italian president decided that smoking in official buildings isn't allowed anymore. That also means no smoke in Italian clubs. Good for me, because I'm a very rare smoker - I smoke only in clubs - but bad for others. But nevertheless it's a stupid prohibition! Something about Vincent Gallo: in his new traffic movie "Brown Bunny" he gets a blow job by a model (Chloe Sevigny) directly in front of the camera... I guess he just wants to show and share the beauty of his cock with us, or maybe he just wants to provoke. His music is located in a more romantic direction, but at some times he also did strange political comments too.. Provocation?!? Well.. But what has been really nice was that Vincent Gallo invited me to the last "All Tomorrows"-party near to London, in Camber Sand. A very interesting festival which is hosted every year by different artists. I recommend it! It's near to the sea and the program is very good. This year they've showed artists like Money Mark and Kid Koala, PJ Harvey (She did a great job! It has been her first time on stage since 12 years, she and her guitar - fantastical! This woman possesses such an unbelievable voice!) And they had Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon with Vincent Gallo, John Foxx, Suicide, Prefuse 73 and and and! Check! What is very good about the festival: they do it without sponsoring and media shit! When I saw all this great artists and I was intended to play to Gallos movies, I had a really big stone in my stomach,believe me! I was quite nervous.. But it went very fine - I did a good job! And I've rocked the crowd! I am so glad that I've visited such a great festival. Thank you Vincent!


March 2005

Volksbühne camping was terrrrriffffffficccc!! at last all of us played together, the small floor was a bit weak, the fucking soundsystem was crap!! The labland show was wonderfull, amazing. Modeselektor and all the other bpc artists Yeah, yeah, yeah..thanks to all of You!!!!!! Miami, Miami... Sitting between cocktails, a lot of sun, florida trash and jetlag - but for all that I had some nice encounters. I've met Thilo (Groove Magazine), Nathan Fake, James Holden, Georgia (Sonar), Philipp S., the boss of Ghostly Rec. and many more. International fairs, especially music fairs are always the most exiting and best places for meeting and spending some time together. When the sun is shining everything,s great from the start. Half naked bodies pass us by - Carsten (BPitch Control office) only said he should do more sports... Hihi.. DJ Hell also has his own personal trainer (some gossip). Boys - you'll get it! Unfortunatley my turntable was broken at Pawn shop. It wasn't the best for djing.. I only thought, why have I done this long way and then the turntable is down?? But at the end, I didn't care.. At the club everything was great: fat tension in the air, so I try it with that broken wheel... It will make noise (instead of sound) somehow. Sweat sweat, sweating.. it is thrilling!

February 2005

The BPC Camping Tour beginns. Travelling with the bitches, flying, eating, playing. We observe eachother discuss how everybodys performances were. Together. Forever. Hehehehehehehe... Tomas Andersson rocks and tiga does a remix for him because he loves Tomas's tracks. Spain Copella: You rock! the travelling is on again and i have to get in the mix again..ampler and chaos pad is a must, just djing is getting a bit boring....Fabric London: the black oven in burning. The fingers have to stay in motion, rough mixes and no silent moment. My brain is bursting, full of ideas, i got my fashioncollection happening and an allien shoe design upcoming...

January 2005

!!!!!!no gigs.recordshopping, studiowork everyday, everyday holger and Ellenturning and twisting the knobs until the fingers start bleeding. At last working towards the inside, at last studio, studio, studio, arp2600 huming and bubbling into my tummy, outside it´s cold and grey inside the speakers are cooking... A good trip. Making music is big!!!!!!

December 2004

At last there it is: a brand new year. What went down went down, and i cant even remember what happened. It´s time for me to sleep myself into a trane for a weeks time to get hold of the past. Bush ist still killing. First gig in 2005 is the villa rouge in france, the only problem was that my recordcase didn´t arrive ... I had to borrow records from Kevin. I arrived at 22:30, rushed to the villa rouge, had some tasty food, clinck glasses and then of to Kevins record collection, search through and select the records, have a shower, back to the club and play! Oh what a night, but it was rocking, and thats what counts. move your ass!! It was strange, the first new years eve without my friends. In Berlin the BPC crew were rocking the house at Club Maria but without me. ohohoho...grrr....uffff... Kevin and Friends. Thank You, it was lots of fun with Y´all.


CAN / Quebec / Rouje

old city center, very cosy...lots of father christmas´ are smiling at us. this is the last stop and then we will return home. Benita and I look at each other with a laughing and a crying eye. damn, it´s almost over already, our stay was much to short, we didn´t get to see all we wanted to, not enough time to meet all friends and share some time, not enough cultural sites. next time we will try to spend more time in canada and the US so we can get more input and try to understand the land´s history and the situation the artists and musicans live in. I hope it will be possible. well back to the city of, super location, everybody is happy and there´s a wonderfull atmosphere, unfortunately we are very tired so we leave after my set, even though cabane is playing and later on ark. we have to get to bed because our plane is leaving at 9h in the morning unfortunately. I got such amazing gifts and had an exciting time. I hope i will have a bit more spare time in future visits to bring more impressions back home with me.

CAN / Toronto / Mod Club

Hahahahahahaha.... toronto, there has to be an island for dancing, where is it? there are lots of recordstores....

CAN / Montreal / Parking

I love Montreal! there are a lot of great musicians in this town, and the city supports music. Very good! Airport-Hotel-Club-Hotel-Airport hehehhe it´s a clubtour, not a holliday ggrrrrr I wish I could stay longer and meet some old friends, go to the museum and see all the exhibitions, get to know the city better. Oh well the club was awesome and we had a lot of fun. Motreal, i´ll be back and i want more..!!

USA / Detroit / Oslo

Mike Banks, Rolando and some other Dudes are having lunch with us, mexican food. Rolando talks in spanish to the waitress. We chat about Detroit and Berlin, Dimitri Hegemann from Tresor club and Jeff Mills who supports underground resistance financially. Mike says jeff is a cool brother. He is very important to them. Good support. Submerge. Recordstore and Label-head-office. He asks us to sign on the wall, but in a place where You can see it. He likes it when he sees all the autographs, then he knows how many musiclovers there are in the world. I already had lots of emotional showers, this music has influenced me a lot and the dudes are still there, producing detroitian hits and emo-bombs. Jaguar, bight and dance!! I played at Oslo and Kero did Visuals on my Hotelroom Bedsheet. At Oslo there is sushi upstairs and downstairs dance or die! Wonderfull night, mike Banks; Scan 7, Magda and a lot of other Heros were there. I was also given a bag full of records!! Yo! respect Your Brothers and sisters.

USA / Austin / Plush

Oh man were we tired. Total jetlag and then we were in Austin, Texas. The first thing we did after we stepped out of the plane was to take off our jackets. That was quite warm! It's spring! In the car they told us that every winter was like this. There were wide streets with palm trees and nice homes. It all looked very harmonious and cozy. We wanted to rebook our flights and stay a day longer because the climate was so nice. It was too bad that it rained the next day, so we decided to fly anyhow. Too bad, otherwise we didn't see much except the hotel, the restaurant and the club (sweet night).

USA / San Francisco / RX Gallery

We didn't sleep long before we had to go to the airport. Nobody picked us up as we arrived in SF. They somehow must have forgotten us. Then we went with the taxi to the hotel, ate some sushi and went straight to the gallery. Shelbourne was spinning when we arrived, then Safety Scissors €“ what nice company! It was too bad that the speakers didn't work right. So we turned the monitors towards the dance floor. It was something else. That's how the whole night went: the DJ monitor was the sound system. It was way too quiet. I was playing all the way in rrreeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd. Then Mochipet was almost not allowed to enter because they only 250 people were allowed (another rule!) in the space. He sent us a SOS note and we got him in. Yes we were happy! Then there was Monika Dietel, the woman who used to live in Berlin and did the best radio show of my life! She was really electric. It's too bad really that she left Berlin but she is very happy in SF. It's no surprise: it's a wonderful city right at the ocean, with many hills and nice people. The party was nice, no disco but a nice happening and after party. Yes, we looked for a party afterward. It was in the 10th floor with views of SF, a private home party with a better sound system nonetheless and Mister Safety Scissors who spun records. We didn't stay long because we had to get our next plane at 9 in the morning. Oh yeah, the plane...

USA / Portland / Holocene

Portland was quite a surprise! This city was rather conservative and precisely what one comes to expect from the States: burgers and suburban homes. Then there's a backdrop with a skyline of a few high-rises. It's somehow a creepy place at night before we finally saw the mountain..... I was shipped directly from the airport to the club: a gallery consisting of a big room with a bar and several little seats and delicatessen. Food was being sold for the precise reason that they could have alcoholic beverages. More restrictions....In the next room there was a place for the DJ decorated with red tablecloth. It was a very pretty site. Afterward I went straight back to the hotel. ("Ah finally, but first I had to change rooms cause the first was too close to the street). Then I took a shower, wrote emails, and went back to the club with a huge appetite and thirst...This place was unbelievable! L'usine was there and Mister DJ Slip (who talked way too fast for the first hour so that we could only see his lips moving). We sat backstage and talked with several different people, which was extremely nice. Then came Ellen's roll call: "Ellen you're up! Ugh yes one second..." It seemed a bit early. I went straight to the turntables and "Schwupp" there it was, over in no time. It was quite a nice evening. Music lovers from Portland: Thank you!

USA / Chicago

Chicago is the city with the most rocking hotel in the world: the Rock Hotel...Yeah!

USA/ New York/ APT

I was supposed to play in the States back in March but they didn't let me in the country from Canada. I had to fly home. The whole tour was cancelled. That was one hell of a saga for the clubs and myself. I was very pissed off. It's not exactly what I call inviting to demand artists to purchase a visa to enter the US. It's way too expensive anyhow. Which independent artist can afford this type of toll anyhow? I thought about it extensively, whether or not it's even worth it. But I adore all the people I've come to know over here, especially other artists. It's important for me to meet these people in the places they live. The Parade tour for my mix CD started in NYC this time. I flew together with Benita who runs BPitch Control. We lived at my friend Ashley's place in Brooklyn. Ashley makes really super dresses and is like sunshine. Her loft is on the 10th floor with amazing views of the Williamsburg Bridge. To be in NYC for me is all about just walking around and looking where you might end up (it's like this every time I visit). This is how we did it for three whole days. Right before my gig, Eric organized a dinner in Ashley's showroom. That was super sweet. Then we went over to APT for the party. It's a really cool bar where everyone dances even though they lack a license. Nobody smokes because it's also forbidden. America, the land of restrictions......